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Some common questions:


How is REN structured?

Briefly and simplified: There are several different coils

located in two vacuum chambers, which are wrapped

around a metal rod. These coils generate power

which neutralizes and harmonizes the surrounding

electromagnetic field.


Can REN be harmful?

REN can not be "overloaded" with negative energy,

Nor can it be a generator for malicious

radiation. It is harmless and safe for all

users - adults, children, pregnant women.

REN does not interfere with electronic devices or implants,

such as pacemakers. None of the users

have reported any adverse health effects.


Will I be able to feel the difference, when holding REN in hand?

People's ability to perceive energies is widely different. Some may feel the energy as soon as they come in contact with REN others feel nothing.


I am suffering electrical hypersensitivity, will my symptoms go away?

No, but what most hypersensitive person testify that their symptoms were alleviated significantly. If they previously could not go by car, so they can now travel for several hours before they become nausios. REN is not working on every hypersensitive person, why it is so we do not know, but we know that the more then 50% have received a significantly higher quality of life due to their symptoms alleviated.

We call on all persons who suffer from electrical hypersensitivity to seize the opportunity to try REN without any cost to see if it works on them.


I have headaches and sleep problems, does REN help ?

Answer YES! We do not have the scientific explanation no why this is so, what we know is that the more one half of those who suffer from sleep problems and chronic headaches testify that their problems will disappear once they have start wearing REN. Do you have these problems, do not hesitate to try the product.


How long before REN starts working?

For some REN starts working immediately.

For some hypersensitive persons it can take up

to 2 weeks before it REN has the desired effect.

It is importent to wear it constantly during the trial period.

There is research indicating that our bodies are so used

radiation that you get withdrawal symptoms when taking

off radiation. This has been noted with

people who have spent time in Faraday cages.

This also we noticed when some

user reports of minor discomfort,

like a mild withdrawal symptoms the first few days.

We recommend that you should wear REN of all the time

at least 2weeks in order to evaluate it properly.



How big protection span do the different variants have?

S protects an area of 5m in diameter.

AS protects an area of 8.7m in diameter.

PPS protects an area of 12.4m in diameter.

XPPS protects an area of 20m in diameter.


How to use the REN?

There are four different sizes. The smallest, S,

is intended for use as either a pendant around his neck,

near the solar plexus. The material of the necklace is important

it should not be made of any metal, since the metal absorbs the energy

REN is emmiting and limits its effectiveness.

The middle variant, AS, can also

have in a pendant around your neck, but also suspended

in the middle of the apartment or villa. PPS and XPPS

intended to be placed in offices,

apartments, villas, factories and classrooms.



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