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We have made a lot spectacular claims on this page. In a buissness environment where deceit and fraud are everpresent, truly revolutionizing products from small firms disappear in the marketing noise. We want to provide the opportunity for people to evaluate this product firsthand without any charge. Contact us by mail and we will explain how you can

try REN for 30 days without any charge.

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Variant S 307

S protects a sphere of 5m i diameter.

Can be used all the time as a pendent around the neck.

Variant AS 368€

AS protects a sphere of 8.7m i diameter.

Is designed as a stronger personal protection

in the form of a pendant around the neck.

Can also be placed in a room where one wants

protection for example in the officeroom or int he bedroom.



Variant PPS 490€

PPS protects a sphere of 12.4m i diameter.

Is intended to protect areas like offices, villas,

factories, school halls.



NY! Variant XPPS 1093€

XPPS PPS protects a sphere of 20m i diameter.

Is designed to protect larger areas.


All prices are inklusive VAT 25%.


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Company: Balkanhalvön Industriprodukter (B.IP) AB

Organisationnumber: 556213-2018

Adress: Idrottsvägen 13

Postadress:: 293 33

City:: Olofström

Country: Sweden

Tel: +46722485060






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